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Mets vs Braves
Turner Field
Saturday June 20th 2015

966 tickets between sections 232-240 (see graphic).

$54 price includes:
Ticket to the game
Special event t-shirt
One heck of a time with 956 other die hard Mets fans!



It’s easy to be loyal to a team when they constantly win. Stay true to your team after getting kicked in the gut year after year, now that’s loyalty. Some fans live and die by each pitch, and I’m not just talking during the regular season. Go down to Spring Training, you’ll see the same loyalty during games that don’t “count”. I don’t think the Mets have it all that bad. It could definitely be worse. We’ve had some bright spots the past couple years and have hope in the not too distant future. Not all our fans love going to the ballpark (for their own reasons) but hop on twitter at any given moment, the Mets fan base is as loyal as they come.

Hope, that’s big in sports. Look at Cubs fans. They’ve been waiting over 100 years for a World Series championship. THAT’S loyalty. Imagine being a senior citizen lifelong Cubs fan. Never in their lives have they seen their banner raised. THAT’S loyalty.

Yesterday a company called Brand Keys released their annual survey. It lists the MLB fan bases loyalty in order. Surprise, surprise, the Yankees are #1 and the Phillies are #2. The Mets came in at #26th.

Top-5 Teams – 2013            2012 Rankings

1. New York Yankees                    (#2)
2. Philadelphia Phillies                  (#1)
3. San Francisco Giants                (#4)
4. St. Louis Cardinals                    (#5)
5. Atlanta Braves                           (#6)
Cellar Dwellers                     2012 Rankings
30. Houston Astros                        (#23)
29. Kansas City Royals                  (#28)
28. Pittsburgh Pirates                    (#30)
27. Seattle Mariners                      (#27)
26. New York Mets                        (#26)

You’re telling me the Marlins fans are more loyal than the Mets? They’re not even in the bottom 5? What a joke.

Lets look at that top 5. Excluding the Braves, who are a pretty consistent winning team, they’ve all won a World Series somewhat recently. Is “loyalty” really built on that? I think that’s just a typical recipe for what’s called a bandwagon fan. The Yankees fans are among the most loyal? Yes, some most definitely are. Others thought it was too hard to get to Yankee Stadium during playoff games in 2012. Ushers were told to move fans down to the lower levels so it wouldn’t look so empty on tv. Yea, that’s some serious loyalty right there. That’s straight up embarrassing. The MOST loyal fans would have been dying for a ticket. You could have bought one on stubhub just before first pitch.

The Phillies are the MOST loyal? Ha. They stopped winning and the fans stopped showing up. Their “sell out” streak ended. Those loyal die hards turned their back on Citizens Bank Park.  I used to go down there in 2005 and 2006 for Mets games. Nobody in the place. Obviously that all changed in 2008. A World Series win and all of the sudden everyone in Philly and South Jersey was a fan. Rocking their Utley jerseys and vomiting on little girls.  Most loyal? How about most rotten?

This blog wasn’t written to bitch and moan about the Phillies and Yankees. The teams or their fans didn’t release this survey. There are loyal fans of EVERY team. In NY, yes, I can admit it, the Yankees draw larger crowds and have made the playoffs many more times than the Mets in recent years. It’s “cool” to like the Yankees, for now at least. Start losing, the loyalty meter will drop quick.

Loyalty isn’t built on winning. If anything it’s built on losing. Keep loving your team when they stink. That’s loyalty. Brand Keys needs to reevaluate their system next year.

Rant over.

Photo Of The Day: John Rocker



On ever playing for a New York team: “I would retire first. It’s the most hectic, nerve-racking city. Imagine having to take the 7 train to the ballpark, looking like you’re riding through Beirut, next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing.”

On New York City itself: “The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners. I’m not a very big fan of foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?”

Quotes were taken from this Sports Illustrated post.

I shot this photo the night our beloved Mets clinched the 2000 wild card spot against the Braves. It was taken before the game during the Braves BP. Rocker was taunting the fans, pretending to throw balls up and flashing everyone the middle finger. Real class act.

If you frequent this website you may have seen my post back in October with two other photos from this roll of film. Yes, film… old school photography where you actually needed to know how to work your camera. No disrespect to digital, I own one too, but nothing compares to film photography. You never knew if you got the shot and correct settings until developing your film.

I was taking a photo journalism class at Nassau Community College at the time and picked this game to go towards a project I was working on. As a broke college student delivering pizzas, I loved that Shea Stadium allowed fans to sit free in the Pepsi picnic area on Wednesdays. You’d have to get there early to make sure you got in, but all it cost was trading in an empty can of soda. Luckily this game landed on a Wed night, and I saw it for $0.

I can’t remember exactly what that fan was saying to Rocker but I can only assume it was something very aggressive with multiple 4 letter expletives. This game was after the quotes became public and the Mets fans were PISSED. I’d never throw things on the field, but I did witness plenty of others partake in that. The bullpen even had a tarp over it so nobody would rifle anything in there. Rocker had no class. He was a different breed of animal and the Shea faithful really let him have it. Throwing a battery or soda at the guy wasn’t the right thing to do but I’m sure it made some fans happy.

Glad I brought my camera to the game that night. My only regret is that I didn’t do it more often.

Photo Of The Day: We’re goin’ streaking!

A streaker runs on the field during the fifth inning of a game between the Mets and Braves at Citi Field. 5/12/09.

100% not worth the 15 minutes of fame.

“Hey hunny you think KFC is open?”

Uh oh!

Well.. we all had such high hopes after that sweep in Cincy, BUT in typical Mets fashion they lost back to back series against the Nationals and Marlins.

We had all hoped that when the Braves came to town this weekend a legitimate shot at closing the Wild Card gap would be possible. The teams defense has been horrible and the offense that was scoring 8+ runs per game seems gone overnight. The last three losses have been heartbreaking. All lost from shit plays in the field late in the game.

Although the summer is half over and the Mets are now back to .500 they technically aren’t mathematically out of this. They’re still 8 games out but if you rewind to 2007 you know anything can happen.

I’ve been seeing an overwhelming amount of shirts from The 7 Line all around the stadium and I gotta tell you it’s a great feeling. It’s really cool meeting people that are into the brand. It’s becoming a real community of fans and when you see someone else wearing a shirt you naturally have something in common. THANK YOU!

I’m not making it to any of these Braves games but fingers crossed on Monday morning we will have chopped 3 from the Braves… and Arizona and St. Louis both got swept. Hey, we can dream right?