This could be heard bellowing from the upper deck at Shea Stadium and now Citi Field. Mike Casiano aka “The King” has been to over 7,000 baseball games and this is his chant after strikeouts. Yes, seven thousand baseball games. Mike is no joke. Not sure if he originated this, or if he was inspired by another. As far as we know, he’s the creator.



Back in ’12 and ’13 I had a ticket plan up in 513 with the “Citi Field Shea’s”. Check this old post about their crew. C.F.S. sat next to “The King” and adopted this chant. The King would start it, and everyone would join in. Once The 7 Line Army formed…. the chant migrated to the Big Apple Reserve with us. We didn’t start it, but it’s fun, and we’ve done it at all our outings both home and on the road since 2012.

Join in. It’s a good time. Thanks for the inspiration “King”!




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