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Name: Alanna
Hometown: Hauppauge, NY – now living in Whitestone!
Favorite sports moment: Endy Chavez, game 7 “The Catch”.
Ideal date: A Mets game followed by dinner at Park Side.
Favorite player: David Wright for sure, but I’m crushing on Harvey big time this year.
Years being a fan: I was born a Mets fan family, but a true fan for the past 9 years.
Why should you be in the 2014 Calendar? Because I’m a fun and sporty girly girl… and there’s nothing better than being pretty and sexy while cheering on my team. LGM!

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Name: Angelique Witmyer
Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Favorite sports moment: I went to all four of the Subway Series games this year and got a high five from Harvey!
Ideal date: Trip down the shore. Take a long walk on the beach and finish with wine and a late night picnic on the sand. Watching the waves on a big blanket.
Favorite player: David Wright
Years being a fan: 11 years
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I love this team and would be honored to model for The 7 Line in their upcoming calendar. Show my spirit and wear orange and blue for my family and friends to see!

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Name: Bianca
Hometown: Bellmore (Long Island), NY but currently living in Astoria, Queens for the past 5 1/2 years…an ever so quick and convenient subway ride to Citi Field!
Favorite sports moment: So many iconic moments, in my adult life time, to chose from. From Mike Piazza’s magical home run after 9/11 to obviously Johan Santana’s first no hitter in franchise history, which when happened, I was at a nice restaurant I use to work at. I then proceeded to scream and run through the dining room and in to the kitchen to hug the food runner who was an equally big Mets fan. But the one that for some reason is embedded in my mind is David Wright’s bare handed catch in 2005 against the Padres. I just remember jumping out of my seat, wide eyed and thinking, “Did that seriously just happen?! This guy can do anything!”
Ideal date: My ideal date is one that actually already happened: After one date, my ex (should have known better to date a Yankee fan haha) boyfriend surprised me with Mets Opening Day tickets, front row behind first base in the “blue” section of Shea Stadium. Pre-game drinks, cuddling up together to beat the April chill, and dinner after to celebrate an amazing Mets win…that is the kind of date I wouldn’t mind repeating. BUT, if I had to chose a non-Mets related date, I would pick a carnival. There is something classic and charming about a good old fair.
Favorite player: I don’t care if it is the most popular answer but, it’s David Wright. I honestly just think he embodies all the good qualities of an American baseball player and his love and loyalty for NY is completely admirable. Even after meeting him randomly at a bar, the guy is just cool. Hope he never loses that.
Years being a fan: 29 years, like many, I was born a Mets fan. But it wasn’t until around 2004 when I really got into the ins and outs of the game, stats, players, and going to as many games as possible.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar: The Mets equal happiness for me and despite the constant disappointments and heartaches, I will never lose my love for these guys. I am literally like a giddy school girl every time I enter the stadium for a game. If you need a girl to be a spokesperson of any kind, I am great with public speaking and an insane regular at McFaddens, even when I don’t have tickets to the game. In this past year alone, I have introduced at least 5 clueless people to the wonderful up and down world of Mets baseball, and better yet to The 7 Line. It’s amazing and somewhat special to be part of a huge fan base that all have the same common interest. Bottom line, I am in no way a model, I would simply like to represent the average girl who has a severe passion for orange and blue!

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Name: Christi Kaye
Hometown: Bellmore, Long Island.
Favorite Sports Moment: It’s a toss Up. Mets first home game after 9/11 when Mike Piazza hit the first Home Run because it was such an emotional time for NY. Or in 2012 when Johan Santana threw the first no hitter because that was a great moment for Mets History.
Ideal Date: Like My Shirt says…. Beers, Boys, & Baseball
Favorite Player: I didn’t work the Boomer & Carton ASG Ballot Sweatshop for Nothing! My Man David Wright.
Years being a Fan: Lucky number 13
Why should you be in 2014 Calendar: Besides the obvious of repping and being dedicated to the boys in the famous Orange & Blue, I’m hoping 2nd Times a charm this year.

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Name: Christine Berninger
Hometown: Ballston Spa, New York
Favorite Sport Moment: R.A. Dickey’s One-Hitter versus Orioles in 2012.
Ideal date: Italian Restaurant then a Sports Bar to catch the game
Favorite player: Bobby Parnell
Years being a fan: 24 Years
Why should you be in the 2014 Calendar: I’m a fan who stays true to the orange and blue, all year long – from Opening Day through the pain-staking games in September, until it’s time for Spring Training again. I’m at the tailgates, at most of the home games regardless of the Mets’ recent performance, rally on the bridge with the rest of the die-hard crew, and even sing with the CFS (Citi Field Shea’s)… and to me that’s what it means to be a Mets fan.

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Name: Colleen
Hometown: Lynbrook, NY
Favorite sports moment: Game 7, October 19, 2006, Endy Chavez makes a game-saving catch, robbing Scott Rolen of a home run and turning it into a double play.
Ideal date: First we would head over to Coney Island and make a stop at Nathan’s Famous and spend a few hours in Luna Park. Then we would make our way to Citi Field and watch the NY Mets destroy the Phillies!
Favorite player: Mike Piazza (I had a MAJOR crush on him when I was little!)
Years being a fan: 24 years!!
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar: I think I should be in the 2014 calendar because I am a true New Yorker, born and raised. I love the spirit, attitude, and dedication of Mets fans. Even though I was not born yet in 1986 (I came about 2 years later), I still feel a great sense of pride and enthusiasm for this team!

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Name: Courtney Facendo
Hometown: Freehold, New Jersey
Favorite Sports Moment: I went to a game with my father and he caught a ball hit by Jose Reyes and gave it to me. We have the ball on our fireplace mantle to always remember that amazing moment that we will never forget!
Ideal Date: My ideal date would be a romantic dinner, preferably seafood by the beach. Then after dinner to take a nice, relaxing walk on the beach.
Favorite Player: Jose Reyes
Year Being a Fan: 15
Why should I be In The 2014 Calendar? I’m a girl who will always wear the blue and orange proudly for the rest of my life! Baseball is my passion and it would make me and my family so proud to represent the greatest fans in baseball.

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Name? Cristina
Hometown? Staten Island, New York
Favorite sports moment? I think back to the good old times at Shea when my Pop Pop would take us to games. He would lecture us on how True Mets Fans never give up. That is when it all began for me, we never gave up and always believe.
Ideal date? Dinner and good conversations. Simplicity.
Favorite player? David Wright
Years being a fan? Born a Mets fan! (25 years)
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I’m the real deal. Its time to represent my colors! Orange and Blue!

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Name: Erica
Hometown: East Hanover, NJ
Favorite Sports Moment: When R.A. Dickey won the Cy Young award in 2012
Ideal Date: Dinner and drinks in the city
Favorite Player: David Wright & Matt Harvey
Years Being a Fan: about 10 years
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar: I’ve been working hard towards my Masters and this was a fun way to take a break while representing my team!

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Name? Ingrid
Hometown? Staten Island, New York
Favorite sports moment? Endy Chavez’s amazinggg catch from game 7 of the 2006 NLCS! Will never forget it, it’s still fresh in my mind.
Ideal date? I’m married lol but there is nothing like going to a Mets ballgame and eating a shake shack burger and a black n’ white shake. Love going to games, they’re so much fun!
Favorite player? Definitely Matt Harvey….he is a beast!
Years being a fan? Been a fan since I was 5 years old when my dad took me to my first Mets game. I’ll never forget the 86′ Mets team….they were the best! I’ve been a die-hard fan ever since.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I bleed orange n’ blue and I would love to be given a chance to be in this awesome calendar. It would be so much fun! Baseball is my favorite sport and I have always loved the Mets…. ya gotta believe! I can look back one day and show my daughter (she is 2 1/2 years old) that mommy was in The 7 Line calendar and maybe she will do the same too hehe.

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Name? Jacqueline Nicole
Hometown? Ozone Park, Queens
Favorite sports moment? September 27, 2012. Mets vs. Pirates. It was the first group outing with The 7 Line, but also happened to be R.A. Dickeys 20th win. The energy at Citi Field was electric, especially in the Big Apple Reserve with The 7 Line Army. It was one of those moments where you knew you were watching something special.
Ideal date? I consider every outing with The 7 Line one of my favorite kinds of dates with my boyfriend, but anything involving nature, good food and a few drinks.
Favorite player? Matt Harvey. He’s the ace and cornerstone player the Mets have been waiting for. He also happens to be hilarious and really good looking. I could watch his Jimmy Fallon skit every day.
Years being a fan? 3 years. Since I’ve been with my boyfriend, he has taught me everything I know about baseball, and especially what it means to be a Mets fan. Being a Met fan is different. Whenever they win, it’s a big win. There’s a special kind of emotional attachment that comes along with being a Mets fan.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I’m a big Mets fan and proud member of the The 7 Line Army. 2014 is going to be an important year for me, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the year I graduate court reporting school.

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Name: Jamie
Hometown: Forest Hills, NY
Favorite Sports Moment: NO-HAN!! Definitely Santana’s no hitter..I was there for it and witnessed part of HI57ORY! And of course when we swept the Subway Series this season!!
Ideal date: A night out at a carnival or theme park. I love roller coasters! Maybe even a sky diving date and dinner afterwards..just anything fun!
Favorite Player: My “old school” fav: Gary “Kid” Carter. My current favorite: Harvey and Johan. My newbie favorite: Zack Wheeler
Years being a fan: Born and raised in Queens.. So I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember!
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? Other than the fact that the Mets are from Queens and I’ve just grown to be around Shea stadium all my life, I’ve gotten more acquainted with the actual sport not just a being a “fan”. Working as a Lucky Charm at McFadden’s Citifield, I’ve really gotten into the sport and more so The Mets. The passion that that team and their fans hold is like no other. Even though we may have rough times, the fans, and of course our boys, help us get through it together! I feel like Darren creating The 7 Line, was just the best way for us to express ourselves and still show our love for our boys in blue and orange. Once I saw the fans and the fire that our boys hold, I knew that I would forever be a loyal fan and BELIEVER, no matter what! LGM!!!

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Name: Jennifer Scott
Hometown: Patchogue, NY
Favorite Sports moment: Robin Ventura’s walk off grand slam single in 99′.
Ideal date: Fine dining and a baseball game.
Favorite players? It’s a toss up between John Olerud and Robin Ventura. (Love the 99′ Mets)
Years being a fan: 24
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I’m a dedicated fan who just wants to keep representing her team.

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Name: Kat
Hometown: Flushing, NY
Favorite sports moment: I once had really close seats to first base. At one point my friend and I kept heckling the first baseman, Prince Fielder. We thought we got in his head until he hit a home run and pointed right at us. That didn’t matter though because we still won the game. We had a blast sitting up front, being able to meet the players and of course bug a few.
Ideal date: This was a bit hard for me to answer. I like simple things like grabbing a beer at the bar and having a couple of laughs. But I also love being spontaneous and doing something adventurous. I like to try stuff out, even if it’ll scare the crap out of me; like jumping off a 50ft cliff last summer.
Favorite player: David Wright
Years being a fan: 11
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? My best friend was the one who got me into watching the Mets and even bought me my first Mets shirt. However, now he lives in Florida and I would do anything for him. I want to make him happy and end up on his wall next year in your calendar.

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Name? Katherine
Hometown? Middle Village
Favorite sports moment? The Endy Chavez catch.
Ideal date? I’m a simple girl, dinner & a movie is pretty perfect to me.
Favorite player? David Wright
Years being a fan? “I was born into this mess”
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I should be in the calendar because I am a true fan and supporter of my team and The7Line, and YOLO.

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Name: Kim
Hometown: Bayonne, N.J.
Favorite Sports Moment: Being a loyal fan through the years, I would say one sports moment that sticks out in my mind was watching the Mets and Yankees in the World Series in 2000. My second sports moment was being a part of Mets history. I witnessed the fall of Shea stadium and the construction of Citi Field. In 1964, my grandmother went to opening day at Shea. In 2009, my mom and I started a mother/daughter tradition and went to every opening day since 2009.
Ideal date: I am a very simplistic woman. I would like a guy who is obviously a Mets fan with chivalry and some romance. It’s a must to wear orange and blue, so we can have a casual dinner for two. Then watch a game in a luxury box with a cold beer as a night cap. Finally seal the deal with a good night kiss.
Favorite players: My favorites are players are, Mike Pizzza, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. All of these players are great role models, dedicated and well respected in the league. When they were players here, they worked hard and played harder. They all brought excitement to the game, and always made the Mets fans “Believe”. These three were definitely examples of the “Amazing Mets”. They made all the fans in orange and blue proud!! If I had to choose a favorite player now, I would say Matt Harvey. His dedication, motivation and work ethic to constantly improve himself is a great quality in any young player. He sets the tone and makes the game exciting when he steps on the mound. You can see he plays with heart and doesn’t get caught up in the limelight. He will be a leader for the team and make us believe once again that this team can be amazing.
Years being a fan: I was born into a Mets family, so I know this might sound cheesy but I’ve been a fan my whole life. Although it’s tough being a fan and watching the games in the past few years, I have faith that the young players will turn this team around.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? Besides being a true fan, Mom is even more faithful to the Mets family. Throughout the years, the 2 of us have been loyal and committed to the team. In 2004 and 2005 we took a trip to Spring Training. We had a great time and got a few autographs. Unfortunately in 2005, my mom suffered a heart attack at one of the games. Thank goodness she is fine and well. Since then we have purchased 6 pack weekend games, celebrated birthdays, opening day and countless mother’s day games. I’ve also played softball my entire life and still continue to this day. I am a leader on my team that exemplifies sportsmanship and dominates on the field in the shortstop position. So I think it would be a great idea to choose a loyal fan who is a tomboy at heart that still plays softball.

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Name? Kristina Duda
Hometown? I’m a Jersey Girl. For the past 5 years I have called Jersey City home.
Favorite sports moment? As a kid: sitting in the back of my parents’ station wagon making a banner for banner day out of a brown Shop-Rite bag and crayons. I’m sure it wasn’t pretty, but I was proud to walk it around the field. As an adult: No question. Dickey’s 20th win. When I got tickets to go with my 2 friends for a fun way to end the season I knew I would have fun. I never knew how amazing it would be. The atmosphere that day was indescribable and when Dickey thanked the fans that were cheering him that last game I thought to myself, wow, I was part of that.
Ideal date? I’m very low key. Not sure what an ideal date would be, but as long as it doesn’t involve a crowded bar/club & dancing or heights I’m up for most things.
Favorite player? If you read my last name you don’t even need to ask. A few years ago when I learned there was a player in AA with my last name (thank you blooper clip of Bingo the Bee) he became my instant favorite.
Years being a fan? Born and raised, but started seriously becoming a fan post-college. First game I went to as an adult was the second to last game at Shea and have been a “die hard” ever since.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? To show that you don’t need to show it all to be a “Sexy Mets Fan”.

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Name: Laura
Hometown: Coram, NY
Favorite sports moment: Endy Chavez’s catch in game 7 of the 2006 NLCS
Ideal date: Anything involving eating food because I’m a fat girl at heart
Favorite player: David Wright
Years being a fan: For as long as I can remember
Why should I be a 2014 calendar girl? Because even though I look better than the Mets have the past couple of years, I still bleed orange and blue!

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Name: Mallory
Hometown: Valley Stream, NY
Favorite sports moment: Watching Reyes and Wright celebrating with the fans, dancing on the field with the champagne and cigars at Shea after clinching the 2006 NL Eastern division! Also being there to watch my brothers best friend Mike Baxter get his first hit as a Met. They put us on tv and the scoreboard jumping around going crazy, we were so excited and happy for him. Both are moments I’ll always remember.
Ideal date: Something laid back, a day at the beach is perfect to me.
Favorite player: Jose Reyes. Miss him! Definitely heart breaking when he left.
Years being a fan: 26 and counting.
Why should you be a part of the 2014 calendar? Because I’ve been such a loyal fan. I’ve always defended and stood by my boys no matter what! What better way to show my love for them than be in this calendar!

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Name: Maria
Hometown: Never represent me without my hometown of Maspeth, Queens
Favorite sports moment: Best play ever in sports was “The helmet catch” when Eli Manning passed the best play EVER to David Tyree which led to the Burress catch to win SuperBowl XLII. I can’t even explain the feeling!!
Ideal date: Involves food. It isn’t a date without food right? Easy going conversation, off the cuff. I don’t want to be bothered on the first date, ya know.
Favorite player: David Wright is my man. Beltran had my heart till he squashed it. Harvey gets me excited. Murphy keeps me hangin on. I still wish Reyes still burned the floor. What can I say?
Years being a fan: Since my first step into Shea.
Why should you be in our 2014 calendar? I should be chosen because I really am a fan of The NY Mets, Queens, The 7 Line and anything that comes with it.

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Name: Marissa Jean
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite sports moment: Even though the Mets ended up losing the game, Endy Chavez’s catch in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS was one of the greatest moments I’d ever seen.
Ideal date: Honestly, sounds typical but dinner and a Mets game is my idea of a great night!
Favorite player: I LOVED Jeff Francoeur during his time with us, but like everyone else I also love David Wright.
Years being a fan: Since I was a kid as far back as I can remember.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar: I should be in the calendar because I love the team and showing off my colors!

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Name: Michelle “Meesh”
Hometown: Floral Park, NY
Favorite Sports Moment: Honestly, I can’t narrow my memories down to 1 favorite. I was fortunate to be a member of the Pepsi Party Patrol from 2006-2011, and a position like that transforms any “moment” you may have from normal to surreal. That being said, I can say there have been amazing moments on and off the field, interacting with the fans, as well as alumni, and the current players. As a fan, having been able to see the team play at home, as well as on the road has been memorable in itself. I’ve traveled around, down to Spring Training, as well as out of the country to watch the Mets.
Ideal Date: I’m really pretty simple, aside from the cliché of going to a baseball game, I’d be happy laying on the beach at night, going to a concert, or for seafood and beers on the Nautical Mile.
Favorite Player: Darryl Strawberry
Years Being a Fan: Over 20
Why Should I Be in the 2014 Calendar: I figured I should do something completely out of the norm & enter the calendar race since I am a already a huge fan. I support The 7 Line and would love to become an official calendar girl of The 7 Line Army by hanging on all of your walls!

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Name: Melissa
Hometown: Middle Village, Queens.
Favorite Sports moment: When David Wright hit his grand slam at the WBC against Italy. It’s a great representation of pure American baseball.
Ideal date: A picnic on the beach with a couple of beers, watch the sunset, then dance the night away.
Favorite player: David Wright
Years being a fan: 21 years. I’ve been a Mets fan my entire life, it’s the most important thing that me and my father share, the love of our team.
Why should I be in the 2014 calendar? I love to represent our team no matter what. Win or lose, we have the most loyal fans in all of baseball.

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Name: Nayi
Hometown: Flushing, Queens, NY
Favorite sports moment: When the Mets won the NL East division in 2006. I was away at college, out of state, but I closely followed my home team and the subsequent NL Championship series against the Cardinals. My heart momentarily stopped as I watched, cross-legged in my dorm room in front of the television, that last pitch to Beltran.
Ideal date: For me is row-boating in Central Park, watching a musical, and sharing a pepperoni and mushroom NYC pizza pie.
Favorite player: Yes…yet another fanatic of #5 David Wright.
Years being a fan: ALWAYS. I have always been a Mets fan. My parents raised me right.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I am a Queens gal and Mets fan through and through. I moved from my hometown only because there was nowhere for me to pursue my degree in Astronautical Engineering in NYC. When I had summer time off from college I came back home and continued my Diamond club store and field level Team Store retail position at Shea which kept me close to the fanbase and team I love. I had to call it quits when I acquired an engineering internship. I visit my loved ones in Queens quite regularly. I just can not keep away from the city I know to be home. Although my career keeps me away from my true home, I remain loyal and watch my Amazin’s when they come through as the visiting team.

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Name: Sam
Hometown: Queens, NY (Ozone Park, to be specific!)
Favorite sports moment: The Mets divisions series win in ’06. Ultimately the season didn’t end the way we all wanted it to, but to be at the game when they clinched the division was absolutely amazing. The crowd was on fire and I was crying tears of joy. It was a great day to be a Mets fan.
Ideal date: I’m super laid back, so dinner and drinks is cool with me. Then maybe a walk on the Brooklyn Heights promenade!
Favorite player: David Wright.
Years being a fan: Since birth, so let’s say 24 years and counting…
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I live for baseball. I bleed orange blue, Mets ink flows through my veins…literally! (I have a Mets tat!) I was born and raised in Queens by two fanatic Mets fans for parents and just fell in love with the team season after season. Shea was my second home, and Citi rubbed off on me… especially since I work for the team and take my falls in the dunk tank! I love my Mets and I’d like to think I’m an Amazin’ candidate.

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Name: Samantha
Hometown: Brooklyn
Favorite sports moment: Would have to be this past May, listening to the game while driving around the neighborhood with a friend… then it happened, we swept the Yankees!!!
Ideal date: Tapas and cocktails is my fave way to spend an evening.
Favorite player: David Wright
Years being a fan: I was born into this Mess
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? It’s a fun way to represent my team, plus I look pretty damn good in Orange and Blue.

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Name: Sandra Sabogal
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
Favorite sports moment: Meeting Terry Collins at Wrigley Field.
Ideal date: A game at Citi Field, a beer and a Mets win!
Favorite player: David Wright & Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Years being a fan: 5
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? To show love and support to my favorite team and brand, The 7 Line!

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Name: Sarah
Hometown: Crestline, Ohio
Favorite Sports Moment: When the Mets swept the Subway Series this year!!
Ideal Date: I’m a pretty simple girl. I love to eat and I love to have fun.. something like bowling (even though I’m pretty terrible!) and pizza!!
Favorite Player: Duda! Bring him back up!!
Years Being a Fan: I moved to New York almost four years ago, and have been hooked ever since!
Why should you be in the 2014 Calendar: To represent my favorite team, and my second family/home at McFadden’s Citi Field! Also would love to rock the awesome gear by The 7 Line!

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Name: Stacey
Hometown: Stony Point, NY (Rockland County)
Favorite sports moment: Santana’s no hitter
Ideal date: “That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.” -Cheryl Frasier ;)
Favorite player: David Wright
Years being a fan: Since my first game at Shea. I fell in love with the loyalty of the fans, and then I fell in love with the team.
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I’m proud to be part of the community The 7 Line has built, and would love to represent it along with the team!

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Name: Tara
Hometown: East Setauket, Long Island
Favorite sports moment: Mike Piazza’s home run at Shea, the first game back after 9/11.
Ideal date: Usually just dinner and drinks, but by a 3rd date going to any kid of sporting event is definitely my jam.
Favorite player: Currently Captain Wright. Favorite Met of all time. Mike Piazza
Years being a fan: I was born to believe. (aka 29 years)
Why should you be in the 2014 calendar? I think I would be a good candidate, because I’m not your average calendar girl. At 4-foot-11 and a half, and the fact that I took all of these pictures with a camera self-timer. I bleed orange and blue, being that I’m also a big Knicks and Isles fan. I also already own almost every women’s shirt The 7 Line had to offer, and have turned many of my family members onto it as well. I hope to join The 7 Line Army at a game one of these days.

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