New Era X The 7 Line Army



Here are three more additions to our soon to be released New Era line of caps. They won’t be available for the holiday season, but we’ll have them in stock with plenty of time before Spring Training.


May 16th 2015!




Since so many fans were locked out of our Opening Day outing, we decided to go ahead and release our second home game in just a couple more weeks. We love how enthusiastic everyone was for the first game of the season. It would be great if EVERY game of the year had that same passion. Like we’ve said before, the more games you want… the more we’ll organize.

Opening Day was $105 and sold out in an hour, game 2 on May 16th will be almost half that price at $55. As usual ticket packages will go on sale at 7pm. We don’t think they’ll sell out in an hour… but you should probably set an alarm to be safe. We hope the process goes smoother and you’ll be able to come cheer with us all.

This is truly an amazin’ fan club and it’s an honor to root along side so many passionate Mets fans. UNITED WE CHEER!

Miss March 2015 in the Orlando Sentinel!



Great piece up on the Orlando Sentinel website about our Miss March 2015, Amanda Perla!

Click HERE for the story and HERE to go straight to the video.

Come meet Amanda and the rest of our 2015 girls on Saturday November 15th at McFadden’s Citi Field for the release party! DETAILS HERE.

Wrigley Renovations



Renovations are underway to the historic Wrigley Field. The above photo was taken today via the twitter account @WrigleyRenovate. Sad to see the old time feel of the ballpark become a thing of the past. The bleachers will be back, but a video scoreboard will be erected.

Glad we visited when we did. We experienced what baseball was like before all the new bells and whistles. Not quite sure how die hard Cubs fans feel today, but as a fan of baseball, it’s a shame to see the park become modernized.

Here’s a blast from our past. The first every road game with The 7 Line Army back in 2013.





The STOMP, The BACKBREAKER… whatever it’s called. We absolutely love Jenrry’s fire. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It brings life to the ballpark. Those are all things we should embrace. Sure, the opposing teams don’t like it. Why should they? They just lost.

We are so excited about this new Jenrry Mejia t-shirt. We teamed up with Mets fan and ever so talented artist Michael Borkowski on this one. We’ve worked with Michael a few times in the past and his work is always top notch. If his art looks familiar, there might be good reason. Since 1997 Michael has worked as a Storyboard Artist on many animated series including “Wolverine and the X-Men”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Dragon Tales”, “Scooby Doo” and many, many more. Follow Michael on TWITTER and check out his WEBSITE.

This shirt is now on deck. No set release date, but should be available in the not too distant future.


Help decide the shirt color! Blue isn’t an option due to his jersey color. We don’t want the graphic to get lost on the shirt. Orange pops the best, and is electric looking (like Mejia). Grey is usually a safe bet, but not many people like wearing grey in warm weather. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. PLEASE HELP US OUT AND VOTE BELOW! 



Help decide the shirt color!


Mejia has since toned it back a little since this “fishing” finishing move, but closed the season with an exclamation point on September 28th. We’re looking forward to many more in 2015!




1:10 PM
Monday April 13th vs. Phillies

The seats are on the field level (dead center field) in the Big Apple Reserved section. Seating is determined by when you purchase. You can not pick your seat. The sooner you order, the lower your row will be.

To sit with friends/family the tickets MUST be ordered together in the SAME TRANSACTION.

Tickets/shirts will be mailed about 1.5 weeks before the game. If you order other products along with this package the whole order will go out at the same time.


The $105 price includes:
One ticket to the game
Special edition event t-shirt
T7L Army ticket holder/lanyard (seen above)
T7L Army thundersticks (in your seats cup holder)
One heck of an experience with hundreds of like minded die hards

Come cheer with the largest supporter section in baseball!

EXCLUSIVE FOR OUR GROUP: Optional $20 2 hour open bar AFTER the game in McFadden’s.

If you need wheelchair accessible seating or would prefer to sit on the aisle, please e-mail us after placing your order. We can accommodate you.




This is how we roll. We’re not more loyal than you or the next fan at Citi Field, but united we cheer the best we know how. There’s no leader, there’s no membership fee, you don’t have to be recruited. We’re all on this ride together. Our Army is for the fans, by the fans and anyone who is down with the Mets is welcomed with open arms. Fans always ask how they can become a part of our crew. It can’t be much simpler. Purchase through our website, we’ll mail you your event shirt and ticket, show up. That’s it. You’re in! By the end of your first game you’ll have a sea of new friends. It’s contagious, it’s fun, it’s exciting.

Watching the playoffs right now gets me jealous. Not just the game, but watching the fans. It’s depressing walking out of our stadium after game 162 when you won’t be back until April. The cheers fall to silence and our season is over. We’re all so ready to experience the October atmosphere again. We already rock center field like we’re back at Shea. Waving our hit towels and losing our voices all with huge smiles.

Going to games alone is a feeling I’m glad to forget. The 7 Line Army is a family and together we’ll hold dear a new year besides 1986. 2015? Who knows. Either way, we’ll be there.

Thanks for cheering with us.


Calendar Girls 2015

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our 2015 calendar!

The 2015 “12 Months of Orange and Blue” will be officially available to the public on November 28th (Black Friday) through our website. GET YOUR COPY EARLY AT THE RELEASE PARTY ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 15TH AT McFADDEN’S CITI FIELD!


The party starts at 9pm and will be open to the public. NO COVER. All of the girls will be on hand to unveil the cover and to sign copies. Queens Brewery is hooking everyone up with FREE BEER from 9-10pm. This party is always a blow out. Make sure you arrive early!

36-02 126th St, Flushing, NY 11368

DJ Doug Omara & MC Summer John (Boardy Barn, Neptunes, Slopes, Beyond The Mix Events) will be on hand to keep the party going.

Calendar Concept: Darren Meenan
Video: Surrender Pictures
Calendar photos: Bryan Dewitt
Calendar layout: Brian DiNonno
Model Stylist: Lizy Saroyan
Additional video & photography: Keith Blacknick and Darren Meenan
Calendar printing coordinator: Peter Meenan

SPONSORED BY: McFadden’s Citi Field

CO-SPONSORED BY: Pig Guy NYC, Surrender Pictures, Queens Brewery & Dave Majo Artwork