Wave more towels.


Love it or think it’s silly, this is a thing. The Mets wave towels after hits and even form their own “car wash” in the dugout after home runs. Curtis Granderson brought the idea to the team; it’s caught on with the players and spread to the stands. After some players get on base they look to the dugout and wave their hand. It’s cool. That’s what the game is about right? FUN. We’ve been bringing our own grimy dish towels to games lately to get in on the fun. Now we have something official! Many fans asked if we’d start producing something for them… so here they are.

Plenty of teams have “rally towels” that they wave before, during or after games. That’s not what this is. This is a HIT TOWEL as blatantly plastered along the front. We’ll have these available soon and we encourage you to get in on the action. Not quite sure why, but something about waving a white towel is fun; which in this instance means the complete opposite of surrendering. Some say they’re even subliminally sticking it to the opposing team. The Mets aren’t backing down.

The size is 15″ x 18″ which is perfect for fans to bring to games. You can toss it in a bag or fold it in half and hang out of your back pocket, just waiting for the right time. Price is to be determined shortly, but they’ll be affordable.




E-Mail: Thanks for Saturday



Always great hearing positive feedback after an outing. Here’s an e-mail from Benjamin who’s faith is being restored… We’re so happy you had a great time. You hit the nail on the head, the outings are supposed to remind us all why we’re fans. The cheering, the laughter and the fun times built around simply watching a ballgame.

I am a 31 year old defeated Mets fan. I still watch 5 games a week, go on Mets Blog 10 times a day but I am broken.  For the past few years, I forgot what I loved about the Mets and why I was a fan.  I had no other reason besides being “loyal”.
I have been following what you have been doing with The 7 Line Army but until Saturday,  there has always been a scheduling conflict preventing me from attending a game. Saturday was the first time I have ever had real fun at Citi Field.  I want to thank you so much for making me believe again.  You reminded me why I loved going to Mets games at Shea.
I don’t know what your motivating reasons were to start The 7 Line, but your company has stuck a cord with me and thousands of other die hards.  Everything you are doing is great and so appreciated.  I just wanted to send you a sincere note of gratitude for pulling Saturday together.  We had so much fun!
Keep up the great work! LGM!
- Benjamin Sheena

Love 4 Luke


Prior to this season we heard about Luke and instantly wanted to find a way to help. We decided to turn one of our outings in to a fundraiser. Hope you can make it out to this amazin’ outing for a great cause. Luke and his family will be on hand for the game and afterwards we’ll be hosting a fundraiser in McFadden’s with tons of great raffle prizes up for grabs. $5 from each game package will go directly to the Lang’s along with every penny raised at the fundraiser. McFadden’s has also graciously agreed to donate a portion of their sales during the fundraiser as well. To learn more about Luke we asked his Mom Jeannine to write a few words.

“Luke Lang was diagnosed at the age of 5 on March 28, 2013 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Positive Philadelphia Chromosome (ph+ALL). He has undergone many rounds of adult dose chemotherapy, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, and numerous amounts of spinal taps (18) with chemotherapy injections. Luke has had many stays at the hospital he is being treated in (Winthrop University) for weeks at a time. Luke has three more years of treatment left. Luke missed three months of Kindergarten and half of first grade. While his friends were playing outside, Luke was either in the hospital or homebound without contact from people because his levels were so low he had no immune system.

What has helped Luke was all the love and support from family and friends. He also made a lot of new friends in the New York Mets. While in the hospital Luke watched the games and then watched the reruns the next day. When he was well enough we went to a game and he then became friends with Anthony Recker, John Buck, Justin Turner, Josh Satin, Matt Harvey, just to name a few. Justin Turner and John Buck still keep in contact with Luke. Lukes passion is baseball and the Mets. His room is Met themed. Luke is their biggest little fan. Luke is a true fighter and his motto is “LOSING IS NOT AN OPTION “. It’s the motto we live by everyday.


- Jeannine Lang “



Donations so far include:

Boomer & Carton package (Winner and a guest can hang in the producer studio from 9-10 one morning. Pics with B&C in the on air studio. They can bring whatever they want to get signed. Date has to be mutually agreed upon)
Signed Matt Harvey jersey
Signed David Wright bat
Signed Zack Wheeler hat
Signed Daniel Murphy ball
Signed Dwight Gooden photograph
Artwork by Dave Majo
McFadden’s gift card
The 7 Line basket (Assorted t-shirts and two tickets to the final home game with The 7 Line Army)

Raffle tickets for the fundraiser will be purchased during the event. The fundraiser will start approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.






If you can’t make the event, or would like to donate additional funds, you can do so online through GIVEFORWARD.COM by clicking HERE.

August 2nd t-shirt poll:

Some of the players were recently quoted as saying “The 7 Line is like a party in the outfield”. We feel this makes for a great t-shirt for our outing in August. We’re torn between the shirt color. Help us pick by voting below!

online poll by Opinion Stage

Did you win $2,336?



Every game down at Marlins Park the team holds a 50/50 Raffle for local charities. Fans can take their chance at winning half of the pot while helping a local charity. Quite a few ballparks partake in this. Winners so far this season have walked away with between $310 and $2,546.

On Saturday June 21st when The 7 Line Army was in town, the winning ticket won $2,336 and has yet to be claimed. So far this has happened 7 times this season and this is the largest pot without a winner. Thanks to our fellow “The 7 Line Army” member Barbara Abatiello Talbot for the heads up! 

M-83223. Do you have it? With the amount of us in attendance there’s a good chance one of us bought the winning ticket. Bad thing is, once you buy, there is no record of your name in their system. Do you still have your receipt? I hope so. I just double checked mine which was still crumpled up in my luggage. No dice.

There’s $2,336 up for grabs. Go find your receipt. GOOD LUCK!

The 7 Line Army in the news.


Today’s NJ Bergen Record features a piece on The 7 Line Army.

“When the fans make that trip, spend that money, buy those tickets, you want to reciprocate it by showing them a good game and hopefully getting a ‘W’,” Mets third baseman David Wright said recently. “It’s a very cool gesture on their part to travel that way and spend that hard-earned money to support us.” 

“Win or lose we get emails after every outing from a family who says, ‘It’s my only game of the season, I brought my kid and we had the greatest time, thank you, we can’t wait until the next one,’ ” Meenan said. “It’s really about the community and the friendships and the camaraderie and everything that is going on in the section. That’s something that people take away from the games if they win or lose.”

If the paper isn’t available in your area or the internet is more your speed… you can also read it online HERE.



Just restocked quite a few styles and sizes. Get them to your door at no additional charge! As usual we ship through the United States Postal Service.

Expires at 11:59pm on the 4th.

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