What a day!



What an absolutely incredible day at Citi Field! The 7 Line Army showed up once again to cheer on the squad. This time our outing had an extra special meaning. We were there for Luke as much as we were for the team. After the game Rich Lang, Luke’s Dad, hit the nail on the head. He said that yesterday his family joined ours. That’s exactly what we are. A huge Mets loving family who has each others backs through the best and worst of times. In a way we’re all married to the Mets and Citi Field is our church.

We welcome you all to join our crew. We cheer our hearts out and make new friends with every game. One day, when the Mets rule this town once again, the excitement and energy will grow throughout the stadium. Collectively between the raffle and our game ticket sales we raised $8,865 for the Lang’s. If you missed the game and would like to donate online you can also do so HERE.




The day started off with one of our own throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Amy DeAngelo was chosen at random and she did a phenomenal job. She tossed off the rubber like a champ and made us all very proud. Thank you for kicking off the day with a bang, Amy. We were all out there with you on the mound! Thanks to the Mets for giving us this amazing opportunity. Also a very special thanks to Mets photographer Marc Levine for capturing the great moment!

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the raffle. All those who donated, all those who helped set up and everyone who bought tickets. I heard a somewhat cheesy term recently which I’ll borrow here. It takes all the wheels to spin for the car to go in motion. There is no I in team and none of this happens by the work of just one person. Every single person who showed up added to the amazingness of the day. None of what we do is possible without the Army showing up. Thank YOU!

Oh yea… the Mets won… not that a loss would have brought down our spirits. Yesterday, as the Lang’s say, “losing is not an option”.


Shea Stadium, 9/27/00


Throwback Thursday: Shea Stadium, September 27th, 2000. Mets vs Braves.

At the time I was taking a photography class at Nassau Community College and would bring my camera pretty much everywhere. I’d love to shoot pictures of my favorite subjects, the Mets & BMX. These were still the days of real film and you never knew what you had until venturing to the dark room. Every roll of 36 was a new mystery. I loved it and spent a lot of time learning all the best settings. Not knowing what you had until developing was one of my favorite parts about the process.

This particular night I watched my team from the Pepsi Picnic Area, for free. Back then you could go to any Wednesday home game and get in by trading in a Pepsi can. I went by myself, as I did most times back then. Not many of my close friends cared about the Mets and I always felt like I enjoyed watching games with people who were just as passionate. As luck would have it, the standings were in our favor. Benitez shut the door to clinch the Wild Card and we were headed to the playoffs and eventually the World Series.

Can’t wait until the excitement is back like this in Queens. -Darren Meenan

The top 12 girls!


Wow! That was a crazy finish. The voting was up for two full weeks and it really came down to the last few minutes for some of our girls. Last year the ladies accumulated just under 35,000 votes and this go around they finished with a total of 41,649 tallied. 6th to 13th were separated by just 63 votes! That’s got to be our closest finish yet.

We applaud each and every one of you 90+ girls who tried out. If you didn’t make it this time, just like the Mets, there’s always next year!

We’ll shoot the calendar in September and the release party will be at McFadden’s Citi Field on a Saturday night in November. You WILL NOT want to miss this party. Going to be incredible as usual. We will fill you all in on the date as it nears.

Thanks again to McFadden’s Citi Field for being our official calendar sponsor! They’ve been with us since our first edition in 2012 and we thank them for signing on for yet another year. If you’d like to take on a co-sponsorship roll, please shoot us an e-mail by clicking the contact button above.

Without further ado, here are are top 12 girls for 2015! They’re now in the company of our past 36 who have held the reins before them. Congratulations ladies!


Amanda: 3,044 votes


Macy: 2,824 votes


Taiszcha: 2,216 votes


Sarah: 1,902 votes


Heather: 1,878 votes


Laura: 1,867 votes


Anna: 1,865 votes


Lexie: 1,858 votes


Deanna: 1,845 votes


Amanda R: 1,836 votes


Trishla: 1,834 votes


Alison: 1,818 votes

Loyal ‘Til The Last Out 2014


SOLD OUT! All 860 seats gone in just one hour and ten minutes!



Before the game we’ll be hosting our very first PIG ROAST tailgate party to get things started. This will be free and open to everyone who is sitting with us. Wear your event shirt so we know you’re down with the crew. Pig Guy NYC will be on hand with a 75 pound pig. They’ll be arriving the night before to start cooking. We’ll kick off the feast at 10am, and the food will be first come first serve.

We’ll head in around 12:30pm to be to our seats by the National Anthem.

Come prepared with your own drinks and snacks. If pig isn’t your thing, you are more than welcome to bring what you’d like, or set up a grill of your own. A few necessities people tend to forget: ice, plastic cups and garbage bags.


Our parties consist of a family friendly atmosphere. Bring your kids, bring your wife. This is normally just an extra large gathering of Mets fans who mingle and meet up before the game. Come solo or bring your whole group. When you’re with The 7 Line Army you’re never alone.

The MTA lot is directly across from Citi Field’s rotunda entrance on the opposite side of Roosevelt Avenue.

POST GAME OPTION EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR GROUP: $20 2 hour open bar after the game. This can be pre-paid online or paid for at the door after the game. Your decision. To prove you sat with us you’ll need to show your event t-shirt to the McFadden’s staff.



update: GAME TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! Meet up in McFadden’s after the game for the fundraiser!

EXCITING NEWS! On August 31st one of YOU will throw out the first pitch as a representative of The 7 Line Army! We’re very happy to announce this addition to our already amazin’ day.

The Mets offered to let me take the honors, but there is no I in ARMY and without all of you none of this would exist. I’m going to sit this one out and one of you will take my place.

By joining us on August 31st you’ll automatically get the chance. Once all of our game tickets and event t-shirts have been mailed, every seat number (family and employees of The 7 Line excluded) will go in to a hat and we’ll draw the lucky pitcher. The winner will have the option to bring up to 3 guests with them down to the field level for their time to shine.

Right now we have roughly 400 tickets sold with a maximum of 860 available…. these are GREAT odds.

We are donating $5 from each ticket sold to 7 year old Luke Lang who is battling leukemia. After the game we’re also hosting a fundraiser in McFadden’s with tons of really great prizes. Hope you can make it out.

Details here: FUNDRAISER



Whoa, what a night. Another successful outing with The 7 Line Army! Our shirts said “PARTY IN THE OUTFIELD” and we certainly lived up to that statement. As usual, from the start of the game to the very last out… and beyond… we brought the noise. It was a pitchers duel until the 7th, then the towels started to wave. In the end deGrom dominated again and chalked up another W for the good guys.

Sitting with The 7 Line Army isn’t just about the game, it’s an experience. You all collectively make this “thing” what it is. When we finally make the playoffs again, heads are going to explode. SO MUCH FUN! LGM! LGM! LGM!

Special thanks to @GordonDonovan for the group photo. Check out his work, gordondonovan.com . Always great stuff!





The entry process for our 2015 calendar is now over!

We had over 90 amazin’ ladies submit this year. Our panel will now have the tough task of narrowing down the field to a group of top finalists over the next week. Once that is set the voting will be up for 2 weeks for the fans to decide. The top 12 vote getters will make our 2015 edition! Finalists should be posted by next Friday.

It’s not easy putting yourself out there and we truly appreciate you sharing your passion for the team with us.