Cheers to you, Amanda!



Amanda, we’re very proud you decided to take this leap. Cheers to your hard work, motivation and determination! We all believe in you! Anyone in the Jensen Beach Florida area who would like to be a part of the charity golf outing, the details are on the right side of this photo. We’ll see ya on November 15th at McFadden’s for the calendar release party!





What a day! I’m going to let it all soak in and write a more in depth blog post shortly. Just want to share this great photo shot by Brian Sokoloff after the game. Terry ran out to us to show us his appreciation for our loyalty. Great gesture.


Amazin’ artwork!


We received this e-mail yesterday from The 7 Line Army troop, Rebecca Graziano:

“A friend of mine took his 6-year old son to at the Philly game that The 7 Line attended. He saw the Army from his seats, and he really liked them! He drew this picture to capture the day… Thought this was adorable! You can see the Phillies fans in red; The 7 Line Army in orange; their loud cheers; and a batter on the field. Pretty good! This was the cover for his writing and the Philly trip was during the school year (May 2014). This just shows that we make an impression wherever we go!”

Pretty cool! Thanks Rebecca! Stay amazin’ Ryan! This is a great representation of the day. About 4 Phillies fans and a sea of us in orange. We had a great time and walked away with the W after 14 innings. Hopefully memories like this will help mold Ryan in to a loyalist like the rest of us. Brighter days are ahead of us, Ryan! Ya gotta believe! LGM!






Weather reports are showing a beautiful weekend ahead here in Flushing! On Sunday for our tailgate pig roast party with “Pig Guy NYC” the gates will open at 7AM. We’ll be in the “Southfield Lot” which is also called the MTA Lot. That is directly across the street from Citi Field’s rotunda entrance and west of the train boardwalk.

The food will be ready at 10AM. If you’d like to get there early to hang out and get a good spot, feel free to show up early. The free food is only for those who are sitting with us. We’ll have a 75 pound pig on deck but that obviously can’t feed 900 people. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! You’ll need to wear your “Loyal til the Last Out” event shirt as proof. If pig isn’t your thing or you’re NOT sitting with us, you are more than welcome to still join and set up a grill of your own. We’re all about bringing fans together so, the more the merrier.

Good vibes, good friends and die hard Mets fans! LGM! FINISH STRONG!




Epic. Last night was just that. A couple weeks ago we started promoting a “Farewell KB” outing. Hundreds of fans ended up lining the Shea Bridge to bid farewell to the great Kevin Burkhardt. Some may have never spoken a word to him before, but he’s been in all of our homes for the last 8 years. He’s seemed like a family member to most of us, definitely one of the gang, a true Met fan. When Kev speaks of the team, more often than not he’s saying what we’re all thinking. He wants the team to succeed as much as we do. Kevin has a way about him that is very welcoming both on and off camera. We’ve been calling him our “Homeboy” for quite some time and last night showed how much he’s meant to all of us. He is never too busy for a quick chat or to pose for a photo with a fan. In an industry where most just do their jobs, Kevin goes above and beyond. The extreme definition of going the extra mile. His reporting, interviews and fun stories have kept us entertained all these years.

I can’t express enough gratitude towards Kevin. He’s been a huge supporter of The 7 Line and our “Army” since the very start. He’s always tried to take a visit to our section and mentioned the group when given the chance during the broadcast, on twitter, in interviews ect. He believes in our mission to bring fans together and last night was just another example of what Queens can be like when the wins start rolling in. If he wasn’t working in this field, I know for sure he’d be out there with us hootin’ and hollerin’.

Our team is out of it, the season is all but over and an excess of 500 fans stood out on the Shea Bridge who may have skipped the game otherwise. That’s a true testament to how much Kevin has touched each and every one of us. When Kevin rolled out around the 7th inning it was the like the Beatles had just arrived. Total rockstar status.

We’ll all miss ya Kev! FOX is lucky to have you. These past 8 years were just a pit stop in what we all know will be a career of greatness. Kevin, you’ve hustled your tail off and made all this happen. We’re all proud of you, homeboy!


It’s a New Era!




We are very happy to announce our new venture with the hat kings, New Era! Coming soon we’ll be releasing a variety of different styles to our line. New Era has been making caps for Major League Baseball since 1934. They’ve become the industry standard and we couldn’t be happier to partner up with the best.

We’re working hard to get products in hand by this holiday season for sale on our website. A whole selection will be available at our shop at Citi Field come Opening Day 2015.

Sit tight, we have some really awesome lids coming soon to a head near you!

The 7 Line Army 2015



The 2015 Mets schedule was released today! We’ve already started planning next seasons away games and have been put on waiting lists to purchase tickets once they become available. If you’ve joined us on the road, you already know how much fun these games are. They take months to plan so it’s never too early to get started.

We WILL NOT hit the same stadium twice until we visit them all. An exception is made for the Subway Series as going to Yankee Stadium will be a yearly tradition for us. The Mets have won the last two years and we hope they do so again come April 2015. The “Bronx Invasion” gets bigger each year and the back and forth between us and the Yankees fans gets pretty intense. This is where the “WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!” chant gets the most action. They HATE it. It’s wonderful.

Wrigley (2013)
SF (2014)
Miami (2014)
Philly (2014)

At our home games we have the ability to purchase 859 tickets in the “Big Apple Reserve” and often sell that out in a matter of hours. On the road we roll with and average of 500 deep. In 2015 we hope to trek to Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Colorado and Baltimore. Win or lose we make our presence known and show the baseball world that Mets fans are up there with the most fun, loyal, dedicated and energetic. Our “Army” is without a doubt the largest traveling group of supporters in all of baseball.

Below is a VERY tentative list of what we’d like to pull off in 2015. As the dates are definitely set we’ll give you plenty of notice before tickets go up for grabs.

How do these dates work for you? Please leave comments as to which games you’d hope to attend. THANKS!

HOME: Opening Day! Monday April 13th vs. Phillies

AWAY: Friday April 24th at Yankees

HOME: Saturday May 16th vs. Brewers

AWAY: Saturday May 23rd at Pirates

HOME: Saturday June 13th vs Braves

AWAY: Saturday June 20th at Braves

HOME: Saturday July 25th vs Dodgers

AWAY: Tuesday August 18th at Orioles

AWAY: Saturday August 22nd at Rockies

HOME: Saturday August 29th vs Red Sox

HOME: Saturday September 19th vs Yankees

HOME: Final regular season home game. Sunday October 4th vs Nationals

Farewell KB!



Come on out to Citi Field Wednesday September 17th at Citi Field. This will be Kevin Burkhardt’s last day with SNY and his last game broadcasting from Citi Field. Kevin is on to bigger things and we wish him nothing but the most absolute success.

We all knew this day would come as Kevin’s talent would take him elsewhere. He has been nothing but the best both on camera and with the fans. He’s been truthful and honest expressing his opinions and I’ve always felt Kev is “one of us”. A real man of the people. He always gives fans the time of day and goes the extra mile to make everyone feel welcomed. You’ll be greatly missed KB!

You can buy any available ticket and watch the game from the Shea Bridge. We’ll be out there cheering on the Mets, but also honoring Kevin. Make a fun sign or do whatever you feel would be the best send off.

He’s showed up for us countless times, now let’s show up for him. You have two weeks to prepare. See ya out there!

What a day!



What an absolutely incredible day at Citi Field! The 7 Line Army showed up once again to cheer on the squad. This time our outing had an extra special meaning. We were there for Luke as much as we were for the team. After the game Rich Lang, Luke’s Dad, hit the nail on the head. He said that yesterday his family joined ours. That’s exactly what we are. A huge Mets loving family who has each others backs through the best and worst of times. In a way we’re all married to the Mets and Citi Field is our church.

We welcome you all to join our crew. We cheer our hearts out and make new friends with every game. One day, when the Mets rule this town once again, the excitement and energy will grow throughout the stadium. Collectively between the raffle and our game ticket sales we raised $8,865 for the Lang’s. If you missed the game and would like to donate online you can also do so HERE.




The day started off with one of our own throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Amy DeAngelo was chosen at random and she did a phenomenal job. She tossed off the rubber like a champ and made us all very proud. Thank you for kicking off the day with a bang, Amy. We were all out there with you on the mound! Thanks to the Mets for giving us this amazing opportunity. Also a very special thanks to Mets photographer Marc Levine for capturing the great moment!

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the raffle. All those who donated, all those who helped set up and everyone who bought tickets. I heard a somewhat cheesy term recently which I’ll borrow here. It takes all the wheels to spin for the car to go in motion. There is no I in team and none of this happens by the work of just one person. Every single person who showed up added to the amazingness of the day. None of what we do is possible without the Army showing up. Thank YOU!

Oh yea… the Mets won… not that a loss would have brought down our spirits. Yesterday, as the Lang’s say, “losing is not an option”.