Tickets go up Monday night at 7pm! DON’T BE LATE!

Open Bar



If you’re sitting with us on Opening Day, you can take advantage of the exclusive open bar package McFadden’s has going on. Goes from 10am-12pm for just $26! Your event shirt gets you that special price. If you’re not sitting with us (or forget to wear your Opening Day shirt), they’ll charge you full price ($40).

Purchase ahead of time by clicking the link below. See ya in 6 days! Thanks McFadden’s!

Purchase here:

5 years



The first shirt came out during the last home stand of 2009, it read “I Survived..” and was never intended to be a real business.

This whole thing really kicked off 5 years ago today, Opening Day 2010. We set up a tailgate party, invited some friends to join and soaked up day 1 of the season at Citi Field. At first, I was pretty sure this was just going to be a couple dozen shirts for my friends and I. I just wanted to go to more Mets games and making a couple extra bucks on the side helped me do that. When fans I didn’t know started ordering shirts, it became more real.

I had run a pretty successful BMX brand before this (Manmade), and I used that as my blueprint. The companies I respected the most were the ones that got their hands dirty. Practiced what they preached. Made things happen by doing it themselves, all with the help of a strong cast of friends. Guys like Steve Crandall (FBM), Robbie Morales (Cult) and Mat Hoffman (Hoffman Bikes) have had a huge impact on me. As a rider myself, I wanted to support other riders that owned BMX companies. Not knocking the other brands who make Mets shirts, there are great ones out there, I just don’t know them. I wanted to do it myself while trying to get other fans excited. The 7 Line started as a Mets fan thing, it’ll end as a Mets fan thing. We own it, we operate it. From the social media, designing, organizing the outings and packing the orders.. we’re all Mets fans. I learned all that from BMX.

Thanks to my parents Pete and Carolyn. They let me run the operation in their basement during the early stages, and have been huge supporters of everything since the start. Thanks to my wife Kelly for putting up with my constant obsession with getting work done. She is more patient than most wives, and helps out in the warehouse when she can. I definitely wouldn’t be who I am without her. Thanks to Lizy for being pretty much the only employee besides myself since the summer of 2011. She gets more done behind the scenes than people know about. Thanks to everyone who’s ever packed orders in the warehouse… Enzo, Rachel and now PJ. Thanks to all those who have ever helped at an outing or fundraiser. And of course thanks to all the Mets fans and The 7 Line Army. Without all of you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you all for believing in this idea.

We’re now 5 years in, here’s to the next 5 and beyond. Together, we’ll keep it fun. LGM!




We teamed up with artst and big Mets fan Dan Abrams (Athlete Logos) on this hot new Matt Harvey t-shirt. We came across Dan’s Instagram account and started talking about designs. What you see here is the finished product.

We’re going to try our best to have these up before the home opener. It’s going to be tough, but we’ll do our best to fire these out.

Check out Dan’s account here: @athletelogos

JULY 25th!




THE TIME IS NOW: Opening Day 2015



THE TIME IS NOW. The time to put all the talk in to action. The players, the fans, the team, the press… we’ve all been speaking pretty highly about what this roster can and should be able to accomplish.

Nobody needs a reminder of the teams performance over the last too many years. We’ve all lived it. As with every offseason comes new hope. A bright look to the future. A confidence in the youth we now have in the clubhouse and waiting in the wings.

Are we claiming a NL East title and trip to the World Series? No. Nobody can predict baseball. What we’re ready for is a winning attitude and more importantly a winning season. Confidence goes a long way and we have it in these guys. The time is now to put the wheels in motion. As fans we’re beyond ready. We’re loyal. We’re eager to get this season started. Hopefully it’s the one we’ve been waiting for. Our gut says it’s going to be a very exciting season.

This is the shirt we’ll be wearing in center field on Opening Day at Citi Field. If you’re sitting with us, expect your package about 2 weeks before the game.

See ya out there. LGM!



A new shipment of hats have have arrived! AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY AT NOON.

The first round of NY state fitted caps went pretty quick and tons of fans have been asking when we’d be restocking. You’re now in luck. We also heard your requests for a stretch fit and snapback version. We’re happy to announce that this design will now be available in the 39Thirty and 9Fifty styles.

Our first batch of Catcher fitted hats blew out in just a few hours. We get e-mails about these about a dozen times a day. THEY’RE HERE. Unfortunately there has been a delay on the snapback version though. We don’t have a set restock date. Sorry for those of you who’ve been waiting. We’re anxious to get them back in stock too.

The new blacked out T7L fitted cap has an extremely low inventory. We only ordered a combined 40 of these caps in all the sizes, some with only 2 available per size. These come in both kids and adult and if you have you’re eye on one one, you better act fast at noon on Friday.




Just picked up an additional 124 tickets to the Pittsburgh Invasion game at PNC Park on May 23rd.

If you missed out… this is your last chance to get in. We took every available seat.

Camden seating




UPDATE (2/3/15 at 9:30pm): From reading the comments below the LOWER SECTION was the overwhelming winner. Tickets will be available in May. An on sale date will be established in the near future. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop. 


Ok guys! The time has come to decide where we’re gonna sit this August in Baltimore. We’ve worked out a couple options with our ticket rep.

We aren’t sure how many fans will be joining us, so the number of seats and the price will be a factor here. We can be much closer to the field, with less seats and pay a little more OR go upstairs with an extra 300+ additional fans, be further from the action, but save a little money.

Unlike some of the other outings we won’t be able to add more seats. If the section with 700 sells out instantly, that’ll be it. Really tough call.

Keep in mind this game also lands on a Tuesday. This will be a first for us, so we have no idea how to gauge interest.

What do ya think? Please take a second to comment below with your thoughts. Thank you!